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Scion Plexus Coils

by Innokin





The Scion Plexus coils from Innokin are compatible with the Scion, Scion II and Plex tank. 


0.15 OHM KAL PLEXUS (60-110W)

0.13 OHM PLEXUS (80-110W)

0.36 OHM 4 CORE (80-150W)


Price and Bulk deal


£3.99 each

Buy a pack of 3 for £10.99 


Please Note


Please use recommended maximum wattages as a guide only

Length of draw, how hard you draw and thickness of liquid are all things that can determine if the coil will take those wattages. 

If you are getting dry hits or burning coils quickly either turn it down or change to another coil to see if the experience improves  

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